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Ok so normally my posts go a little like this:  1) picture(s) of whatever recipe I’m going to share with you.  2) Then I say a few words about what I thought, what I’d change, etc.  3) Last of course is the recipe.

Well today things are going to be a little different.  Because today, you’ll get to hear a delightful tale about how I nearly burnt down a friend’s kitchen, see some photos of the process, be encouraged that failures can still be tasty, and learn an important value about trusting online resources.

So here’s what started it all…this photo:

Flip Over a Muffin Tin to Make Delicious Ready-to-Fill Cookie Bowls

You may have seen it on Pinterest, as I did.  It looks simple enough.  The site doesn’t even have instructions.  Just this photo and the title “Flip Over a Muffin Tin to Make Delicious Ready-to-Fill Cookie Bowls!”  So of course, I thought, “Wow!  How ingenius! How simple! I’m going to do this when I go over to my friend’s house to watch football!”

So armed with a muffin tin, some choc. chip cookie dough, and some ice cream for filling those bowls, I was ready.  I felt so excited and confident.  What could possibly go wrong?  This was a simple little baking project!  Well I’ll tell you what could go wrong…

You see, there was no guide as to how much dough to use.  We simply covered the cups with what seemed to be an appropriate amount.  The chocolate chips also made it hard to get the dough really thin so it was kinda chunky.  We happily put the dough into the oven and were anxiously awaiting our dessert when suddenly smoke started billowing from the oven.  And I mean, it was a lot of smoke.  That’s when we opened it up and saw all that dough oozing everywhere, including onto the bottom of the oven.  We got some fans to blow out the smoke and let the cookies finish baking (because the damage was already done and we still really wanted those cookie cups!)

This is how they turned out after cooling.  Definitely not anything like the picture.  It still smelled like a delicious cookie though, so we weren’t going to let the looks of it stop us from eating it.

After some skillful cutting, this is what we ended up with!  Not bad huh?  You’d never know we nearly burnt up the kitchen in the process.

And bam!  Check out that beauty!  It looks perfect!  It was way more difficult than it was supposed to be, but we ended up with a perfect cookie cup for putting ice cream in!  It was really delicious.  However, it’s surprisingly difficult to eat a cookie in the shape of a bowl.

So here’s what I learned from this little baking experiment:
1.  Sugar cookie dough would be better than choc. chip because it would lay smoother.
2.  Use way less dough.  Maybe only cover the top of the cup and partially down the sides instead of all the way down.
3.  Don’t give up.  Not even when your house is full of smoke.
4.  Don’t always trust what you see on the internet.  (Except for this blog.  You can trust me.  I promise.)

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