Football Food for Rivalry Weekend

For college football fans, tomorrow is known as “Rivalry Weekend.”  Teams across the country will face off against their biggest rivals.  The biggest rivalry in the country is the Iron Bowl, Auburn vs Alabama.  For those of you that think other rivalries are bigger (Michigan vs. Ohio State, Florida vs. Florida State, etc.), you are wrong.  I’m serious.  The Iron Bowl is consistently ranked the most vicious rivalry in the country, and rightly so.  If you live outside of this state, you cannot fathom the vitriolic hatred that these fan bases have for one another.  During football season, the state splits into two camps that bitterly loathe one another.  There are verbal fights, physical fights, broken friendships, broken families, and acts of hatred (like Alabama fan Harvey Updyke poisoning the beloved Toomer’s Oaks).  Most of all, football is all anyone thinks about during the weeks of football season.  Thoughts of players, stats, rankings, and championships are on everyone’s minds.  In case you haven’t heard, this year’s Iron Bowl is being billed as the biggest one of all time, and they might be right.  As an Auburn grad and die hard Auburn fan, I’m hopeful that we can pull out a win over the #1 team this weekend, but it’ll be tough!

Anyways, now for what most all of you came here for…some recipes!  In honor of tomorrow being the last day of the regular season and RIVALRY WEEKEND, here are a dozen of my favorite football recipes from over the years:

Football Food Collage














1. Tiger Brownies:

2. Pizza Pinwheels:

3. Smoked Pork:

4. Rotel Cups:

5.  Nacho Casserole:

6.  Cheesy Bacon Pinwheels:

7.  Sausage Biscuit Bites:

8.  Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps:

9. Gameday Sliders:

10. Reese’s Puppy Chow:

11. Easy Layered Dip:

12. Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken:

I hope you find some recipes that you can enjoy tomorrow during the games! Most of these are great for any party or get-together though, so go crazy!  And most importantly, WAAAAAARRRRRRR EAGLE!!!!  BEAT BAMA!!! 🙂


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