Cookies By Design Review

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Hello Dear Readers! I hope all of you remembered that this weekend is Mother’s Day! And if you did forget, well then I hope this serves as your reminder so you can hurry up and get your mom a gift before this Sunday!

If you’re still scrambling to figure out what to get mommy dearest, then I’ve got just the thing….COOKIES. I’m pretty sure there is no mom who would not appreciate cookies, especially when they’re beautifully decorated and come in a cookie bouquet!

The fine folks over at Cookies By Design sent me this cookie bouquet and asked that I share the scoop with all of you about their beautiful cookie bouquets (and other goodies like brownie truffles!). If you’re worried about your gift reaching your Mom in time, don’t worry, they offer same day delivery! Which is great for those of you out there who might be in the oops-I-forgot-Mothers-Day category.

Also, they don’t just do Mother’s Day cookies…they literally have DOZENS upon DOZENS of designs to pick from. Name pretty much any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, every holiday you can think of, get well soon, etc. and they have artfully designed cookies for it. (So you might want to go ahead and bookmark their Graduation or Father’s Day for next month…)

My cookies arrived on the day that I asked to receive them, and they were all fully in tact, which is mainly what I was concerned about. The blue flower cookie at the very top had slid down a little bit in traveling, but everything else was in place. Each cookie comes individually wrapped. As you can see from the photo, these are BIG cookies! Not only was each cookie about the size of my hand, but they’re thick too! So this is not a light little dessert, but a hefty one. As for the taste…they were good. Not amazing, but good. They aren’t overly sweet, but they’re sweet enough! I definitely enjoyed my huge cookie that I probably should have split with my husband but didn’t because I’m not good at sharing when it comes to sweets!

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