About Me

Hi there! My name is Lindsay, and I’m married to the best guy in the world. No seriously…I found THE BEST guy in the world and somehow convinced him to marry me. His name is Blake. We do not have any kids, except for our 4-legged, furry one named Jazzy.

I am a graduate of Auburn University. I love Auburn (WAR EAGLE). It’s my favorite place in the world, and I am a ridiculously diehard Auburn fan. I got my bachelor’s degree in Music Education, and I worked for 3 years as a choir teacher for middle school and high school students. I enjoyed getting to sing all day and teach kids about music and about life.

However in 2012, Blake and I went on our first mission trip to Africa. It changed our lives completely. We had come face to face with extreme poverty. I experienced a food mob of children desperate for a bite to eat. We had come to love orphans who had no family to care for them, and we learned the statistics for children such as these. About 85% of them would wind up dead, in prison, or as sex slaves and prostitutes. We could not go back to life as it was before our trip. God had opened our eyes to the needs of others beyond our comfort zone. Before leaving on our trip, we had prayed that God would break our hearts for what breaks His…and He did. We began to understand that as Christians, we are not called to a life of comfort and ease, but one of sacrifice, caring for the orphaned, widowed, and poor.

After a few months, I felt God calling me into full time ministry. So I quit my job as a choir teacher (which took a BIG leap of faith) and found a job as Project Manager with an organization called World Orphans. This ministry is changing lives for orphans and vulnerable children around the globe, and I am so blessed to be a part of it! You can go to my website, Taking Up the Cause to learn more about me, the work I do, and how to get involved yourself. My salary is 100% donated from ministry partners, and I’d love for you to join this mission with me! If you’re interested in becoming a donor or would just like more info, you can email me at lindsay@worldorphans.org.

But back to the food…One thing you should know about me is that, before marrying Blake I was a college kid who ate like most college kids. I lived on Easy Mac and Chef Boyardee. And believe me, I am not knocking these two fine culinary delicacies. To this day, I still love some good ol’ ravioli from a can. Whenever I wanted to cook “something fancy” I’d make tacos. Ya know, where ya just cook some ground beef with a packet of taco seasoning and then let the guests actually fix their own plate with the toppings and such. That was pretty much it.

There were three primary reasons why I didn’t cook:

1. I hate going grocery shopping. I don’t know about your particular market of choice, but here in the south, it’s Wal-Mart all the way. And no matter what day or what hour you go shopping (cuz it’s open 24/7), there WILL BE a bunch of screaming babies wailing…there WILL BE ridiculously long lines…there WILL BE those annoying people with 4 carts blocking the aisles and moving as slow as molasses. And then when you’re all done, you have to hike 8 miles back to your car in the sweltering 98 degree heat. (Southern ladies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout)

2. I hate cleaning the kitchen after I’ve cooked. After I spend time cooking a meal, I’m usually very hot and often sweaty. Hot stoves and ovens tend to do that to me. Plus I feel like once the meal is done, I should be too! I might enjoy the smells and tastes and complexities of cooking…but I really hate the boring, monotonous, back-ache inducing task of doing dishes and wiping counters and such.

3. Why should I? Chef Boyardee is AWESOME and Easy Mac even has the word “easy” in the name!

Well here is what changed it all: Blake. In case you didn’t believe me before about him being the best guy in the world, you’re about to. He solved all three of these cooking dilemmas. First, he goes to the store for me. I give him the list, and he braves the horrors of Wal-Mart. Second, He does most of the dishes/cleaning. Once we’re done eating, he steps right up to the sink and gets to those dirty dishes. I still help with the clean-up, but it’s so nice having him take on the majority of the dirty work. And finally, he gave me a REASON to cook. Sure Chef Boyardee and Easy Mac are delicious and simple, but is that really what I want to set in front of my husband? Being a teacher allows me to get home at least an hour or two before he does, so I felt compelled to use that time to prepare dinner each night so that it would be ready when he gets home. I want him to look forward to stepping into our home, smell dinner on the stove, and know that I had put time and effort into this meal for him to enjoy.

So now that I’ve been married, and been cooking, for almost two years, I’ve realized that I really REALLY enjoy cooking! I hope that this blog will help you discover how easy cooking really can be and get some new ideas about recipes and meal planning.