About Normal Cooking

So you may be thinking… “how is this food blog any different than the thousands of other food blogs out there?” And that’s a good question. Here’s what I have found while perusing through these multitudes of food blogs…they’ve pretty much all got a specific niche–whether it’s vegan, or gluten-free, or desserts only, or super gourmet, or organic–nearly every single food blog I found is not really applicable to my every-day, busy, and well…normal life. So this blog’s niche is that it doesn’t really have a niche.

I tend to find myself falling in the middle of the spectrum over and over again. Take nutrition for example: I’m not a vegetarian or someone who refuses to eat non-processed, purely organic food. Then again, I’m not someone who pays no heed to caloric intake and simply stuffs myself on whatever looks tasty regardless of content. I fall somewhere in the middle – I try to eat pretty healthy and pay attention to what I put in my body, but I also like to splurge here and there with some truly rich and not so healthy dishes. And I feel like most normal people feel this way…don’t they?

The same thing can be said about the difficulty of recipes. I’m not Emeril. I don’t know what fromage blanc is, and I despise foie gras. I’m pretty sure most people are not roasting legs of lamb and carving hens in their kitchens. But I have also found that most recipes that say “only 2 ingredients!” tend to turn out pretty bland. So I try to post recipes that have common ingredients and are simple to follow, but will still impress your friends and family.

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It’s also important for you to know that I DO NOT make my own recipes. Because normal people FOLLOW recipes, not create them. I am not nearly knowledgeable enough about the chemistry of food to make my own recipes. In fact, I’m terrified to stray at all from a recipe. I follow them to the letter…that way if it’s bad, I can blame it on the recipe!

I am also not a professional photographer. I do not have all the fancy lenses and lights and props to make my photos look like something out of a magazine. I try my best to make the food look good on the plate, but honestly the pictures you see on my blog are pretty much what it would look like on your table.

It’s my hope that you can relate to what you see in this blog and find some recipes to try! Are you just a normal cook like me?