Chicken-Ranch Cheeseball

Want to be the hostess with the mostest?  This appetizer is one that will please EVERYONE and is great for any occasion!  Whether you make it for a football tailgate or a dinner party, I can guarantee that guests will gobble it up.  This stuff is so addictive.  Once you have one bite you just can’t stop!  It’s that appetizer that people gravitate around at a party, and just keep getting more and more.

I personally love the flavors of ranch, chicken, and bacon together.  In fact, I’m looking for an excuse to make Plain Chicken’s Crack Bread which is loaded up with bacon and ranch goodness.  If you make this cheeseball as an appetizer, just let me warn you, you and your guests might not be hungry for the main course!  They’ll just want more of this!

Chicken-Ranch Cheeseball

Chicken-Ranch Cheeseball


  • One 5 oz. or 8 oz. can of chicken (drained, rinsed, and forked into shredded pieces)
  • Two 8 oz. blocks of reduced fat cream cheese, extremely soft
  • One packet of dry Ranch Dressing Mix
  • 1 8 oz. packet of real bacon pieces


  1. Mix everything together except for bacon pieces. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. 
  2. Take out and roll into ball shape.  Roll in your bacon pieces for coating.  
  3. Serve with crackers.


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