Favorite Recipes of 2012

Happy New Year, Readers! I know it probably would’ve made more sense to make this list yesterday on New Year’s Eve….but oh well.  I didn’t really have time to do it yesterday, so I’m doing it today on January 1st.  I thought you might like to see all of my favorite recipes from 2012 collected in one place.

I’ve really enjoyed LOTS and LOTS of recipes this year, so narrowing them down will be difficult!  But if you’re looking for ideas on what to cook next, these recipes get my highest recommendation!

Favorite Appetizer: Chicken Ranch Cheeseball

This is easy to make, and is always a huge hit at parties!  It’s my tried-and-true appetizer that I make all the time!

Favorite Side Dish:  Crash Hot Potatoes

These are great because they have all the delicious flavor of a regular baked potato, but they cook so much faster, and look way cuter!

Favorite Breakfast Item:  Cinnamon Roll Casserole

This was a tough call.  Blueberry Breakfast Cake came in a close second, but the ease of this casserole just put it over the top.  Oh it’s so delicious.

Cinnamon Roll Casserole 1

Favorite Grilled Entree:  Orange and Thyme Pork Kabobs

I’m blessed to have a husband that has grilled LOTS of delicious entrees for us this year.  I think this one has to be my favorite because it’s just packed with flavor.  It’s a relatively cheap meal using common ingredients and is a cinch to throw together!

Favorite Weight Watchers Meal:  Skinny Lasagna Alfredo

Though I’ve had a lot of really tasty Weight Watchers meals, this one is the clear favorite.  This dish tastes amazing, and you would never know that it’s low-cal!  You definitely don’t have to be on a diet to enjoy this decadent dish.

Favorite Vegetarian Dish:  Ravioli Bake

I’m definitely not a vegetarian.  But this year, I tried out a few meat-free dishes, and I really enjoyed them!

Favorite Slow-Cooker Meal:  Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Cooking with slow-cookers or crockpots has become a huge fad this year.  I’m usually not crazy about meals from a crockpot because everything in it tastes the same, and it’s difficult to get meat to turn out just right.  This dish, however, is AMAZING.  I’ve made it many many times and never get tired of it.

Favorite Dessert:  Peach Cheesecake

Ok people, I’m gonna be honest.  It’s darn near impossible for me to pick a favorite dessert.  I’ve made a bunch of desserts this year, and none of them disappointed.  So, because I feel like you NEED to see these dessert recipes, here are the others that almost got the title of “favorite”:  Cookies N Cream Brownie Pie, Fudge Lovers’ Strawberry Truffle Cake, and Chocolate Covered Oreo Cake.  And if you’re wondering why this peach cheesecake edged out its competitors, it’s because it looks and tastes really fancy but isn’t that difficult to make.  It’s also been praised by many of my friends and has been a frequently-requested recipe!

Top 5 Entrees of 2012

There are just so many entrees that I’ve cooked this year, I can’t choose just one.  So here are my top 5! (In no particular order)

1.  Herb Roasted Lamb Chops – This dish is not one for your typical weeknight meal.  This is definitely for a special occasion!  It’s easily one of my favorite things I’ve EVER eaten, and tasted better than expensive lamb I’ve had at restaurants.

2.  Honey Dijon Salmon – This dish is also one that is elegant and fancy.  It’s not difficult to make, though, and it is sssoooo good!

3.  Ranch Cheddar Chicken – This is the perfect weeknight meal!  I promise you will be shocked at the amount of delicious flavor from this dish that requires very little work.

4. Baked Chicken Tacquitos – I love that these are baked and not fried so they aren’t super fatty!  They’re also really delicious, and can be served as an entree or even as an appetizer.

5. Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Braid – This dish has a lot going for it.  It’s simple, looks beautiful, and tastes great! Definitely a crowd-pleaser.

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