Normal Cooking absolutely loves giveaways! I can guarantee that a dedicated blog post will be written highlighting your product while being used in a recipe and then will be mentioned in follow-up blogs posts for the determined giveaway time period. Two items will be needed, one for me to use and review on the post, and one to give away to the winner. If you decide you would like to implement a giveaway on my blog, please fill out the Contact Form¬†with the word “Giveaway” in the subject line to get started.


Thank you for considering sponsoring my blog. I love my sponsors! Ad sponsorship starts on the 1st of the month. Please fill out the Contact Form with the word “Sponsor” in the subject line to get started. If your blog/brand fits my style, I would love to have you advertise with me!

Please note:

  • Rates are subject to change as readership grows
  • Payment reserves your spot and is non-refundable
  • Ad design must meet my level of quality
  • We will design an ad for you if you need help

Ad Options

I have two different types of ad options. Please read below to get more information about them, where they are located on the website, and the size of the ads. You may always contact me with further questions!

Widget Advertising

Widget advertisements are located in the sidebar on the right side of the website, seen throughout almost all pages and every post throughout the site. The sidebar widget is 270 pixels wide. There are two options for widget advertising.

Single Widget

This ad will span the entire length of the sidebar. It will begin right below the social icons about a third of the way down the page. The ad size is 270 pixels by 270 pixels and will stand out beautifully for maximum exposure! The cost of this ad is $75 a month. As mentioned before, this ad will be seen on almost all pages and every blog post throughout the site.


Tiled Ads

These ads will be in a four-block style on the sidebar. Your ad will be 135 pixels by 135 pixels, and it will share the space with three other ads. These ads are great because you get the homepage exposure for a fraction of the cost, and just like the widget advertisment, it will be seen throughout most pages and all blog posts! Each tile ad costs $20 a month.



Footer Advertising

Footer advertisements are located at the bottom of my most popular posts. The top three posts on Normal Cooking average a total of about 1000-2000 views per day and they make up about 65% of Normal Cooking traffic. Some days it might even be higher! On any given day, popular posts can be tracked via WordPress Statistics. It’s usually very easy to see which posts will become the most popular by trend forecasting. The footer is located at the bottom of the blog post and is 640 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall. There are two different options for footer advertising.

Footer Triple Ad

These ads will be in a three-block style in the footer and will be placed on the 3rd most currently visited blog post for Normal Cooking. Your ad will be 210 pixels by 125 pixels, and it will share the space with two other ads. With these ads, you can bank on having about 1000 impressions a day! Each tile ad costs $30 a month.



Footer Single Ad

This ad will be a stand alone ad placed in the footer of the #1 and #2 most currently popular blog posts on Normal Cooking. Your ad will be 640 pixels by 125 pixels and will be the sole advertisement on the blog post. With this ad, you can expect upwards of 2000 impressions a day! This ad costs $75 a month.